What is Dubtrip?

With our concepts Night Grinderz, Blast Dem Beatz, Beatz with Bass and F.J.U.D we show the Dutch and Belgium audience that this underground scene isn’t dead and so hard to find. On our events we will bring the most finest, international Dubstep and Drum ‘N Bass artist’s to give you a night of your life experience. Upcoming talent also gets a chance to show their skills on our stages.

We give people the opportunity to exchange party's between the Netherlands and Belgium. We make this happen with party busses. These trips are comfortable with a lot of drinking and fun. We share new Dubstep, Drum 'n Bass and Trap music from professional & upcoming artists to keep you up to date with the newest releases, free downloads, Ep’s and many more.

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Night Grinderz


Night Grinderz is a Dubstep and Drum 'N Bass related event. This concept was the first one of Dubtrip Events and became a fact on the 23th of january 2015, with this massive hyped-up crowd and incredible vibes. With this concept we want to go way beyond everyones' expectation and try to give our customers the most exclusive dj's from all over the world, you probably have never seen before. Night Grinderz needs to go international and we are going to do everyting to make that happen.


Blast Dem Beatz

Drum & Bass

Blast Dem Beatz is a Drum 'N Bass related event and was created in December 2014, because there just isn't enough Drum 'N Bass, especially Jump-Up, in the Netherlands. We share many video's, photo's, music and much more on the Facebook page to make sure we help expand the scene. Every sunday we upload a weekly Drum 'N Bass playlist with the newest and finest tunes for people who need to travel a lot. This event will expand very fast, by already having great things planned for the upcoming years.


Beatz With Bass


Beatz With Bass is a full Drum N Bass related concept. Here you'll find the most advanced Neurofunk artists you could ever imagine. This concept was created in may 2015, with our main goal to give the world a fresh and sparkling concept with a lot of great vibes and exclusive names. We are going to make things happen, no one has ever done before and break through the international insanity. You can check out the Free Neurofunk Downloads for all your free downloads as well.