Events started in August 2014, with two friends who wanted to throw underground party's. One of them is a dj and very known in the Dubstep scene and the other one is a very good organiser. They combined their strength to give the ultimate Dubstep and Drum ‘N Bass party's. They needed a good venue, which was hard to find in Rotterdam, but finaly after a lot of stress searching for a good place, they found one that can hold enough people for their kind of party’s. When the club confirmed the date and the contracts were signed, dj’s and designs had to be fixed. Eventually they were good to go and started to plan everything. Night Grinderz did good on the 23rd of January 2015 in Club Eclipse in Rotterdam. This party went way beyond their expertations with enough people inside and a incredible vibe. Some of the dj’s even told that Night Grinderz was one of the best party's in ages. Since the first edition of Night Grinderz is a fact they also thought about starting a Drum 'N Bass concept. They needed to do this in a clever way, so they have launched Blast Dem Beatz on Facebook, made of the second edition of Night Grinderz, a Invites Blast Dem Beatz edition, to introduce Jump-Up Drum 'N Bass. The second edition of Night Grinderz took place on the 26th of September 2015 in Social Underground in Rotterdam. This party was just how they expected to be and are convinced that they will make this scene much bigger with even greater events to come!


The crew consists of a group of good friends, each of which has its own specialty. We respect our members and make sure that they will have the best moments with us.


We always think about what goals we want to achieve in the future. We think about having more original concepts with different genre’s, giving events in insane venue’s and throwing festivals in and outside the Netherlands. Is this possible? Yes, we will show you! We think that the story behind succes is all about HOW you do it, making the right choices and knowing the right people. If you don’t try, you will never know.

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